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Sometimes, we hear some parents who are concerned about their teenagers stealing money from them, other people, and lying to them. A child stealing and lying can be handled easily. It will become serious when they are doing the same mistakes even when they become teenagers.

Every teenager who is involved in stealing and lying to others has some reason behind it. If we want to stop a teenager from stealing and lying, we have to understand them first.

Reasons behind teenage steal

  • teenager who is stealing and lying

    Peer pressure can lead teenagers to steal or a lot of behavioral change. New video game, new clothes, mobile phones, and computers may lead them to do anything to get what they want.

  • Sometimes to get attraction, teenagers try to do something different. It may lead to negative attraction. But they would not feel for that negative, they would give importance to attraction irrespective of their action.
  • Just for a thrill, some teens steal. Doing something wrong and getting away with it gives them a thrill and they feel proud of it.

Reasons behind teenage lying

  • To avoid your lecture when they do anything wrong or score low marks in exams, they would lie to you that they did not do anything wrong and they scored high marks in exams.
  • To protect themselves from your reaction after hearing their mistakes, they would say lie.
  • When the teenagers feel that they are controlled by their parents in some things like “come home early, don’t go anywhere”, they would start to lie about their whereabouts.

Tips To Manage Your Teenagers

You can give some punishments to your children for stealing.

  • When you find that your teenager is stealing, first try to explain to them the consequences of stealing.
  • Next, show them the consequences. Make them watch the documentaries of teenagers who are in jail for stealing. This will give them some fear.
  • Make them do some positive action. For example, if he gets caught when he steals money from you, ask him to repay you the money that he stole from you.

To control teenagers stealing money from parents or any person and lying to them and others, they can follow the following actions.

  • Spend some quality time with your teen
  • Give them any extra-curricular activities like sports
  • Give them alternative income to control their stealing activity
  • Talk with them to know the reason behind their actions
  • Open more communication between you and your teen. This will help them to share anything with you without any restrictions.

When you find out that your children lying or stealing, do not get too emotional. Try to understand them and make them understand the consequences of their actions. Parents can control their teenager who is stealing and lying and stop them from doing such activities.