About Us

Maureen is an extraordinary woman – mother, world traveler, educator, life coach, journalist, author and public speaker. Born with a physical disability to a migrant family, Maureen battled childhood illness, was nearly kicked out of high school and endured the loss of two children. Yet she transformed her life into a living example of “mind over matter”.

Maureen’ professional career started 8 years ago, when she decided to study Special Education in hope of saving all the kids in the world (including her young self) from judgment, discrimination and ridicule. She completed a degree in Special Education (with high distinction), specialized in emotional intelligence while traveling and working around the world with her husband and kids, published numerous articles and two personal growth books and coached many parents to success and happiness in their family life.

Maureen’s journey from sickness to health, from failure to success and from sadness to happiness will captivate every reader. Against all odds, with passion, determination and a “can do” attitude, she turned each challenge in her life into great success.