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It is hard to tell a child about their biological father and their present daddy is not their biological dad. The correct approach depends on the reasons for the absence of the biological father, the possible outcomes, the age, the maturity level of your child. You have to decide when to tell your child the truth and be prepared to face whatever happens after that.

Here are a few tips to handle the situation.

Approaching the topic based on the situation

Sometimes your child may feel like they are unique in the family and can ask you like “Why I’m not like dad or my siblings?” You should get this time ready. Sometimes you can decide when to tell your child. Keep in mind your child’s maturity level.

biological father

Talk with your child

Be honest with your child about their biological father. Be ready to answer all of their questions about their biological father.

Tell your child that not all families are similar, there are some different families. If possible, show their biological father’s photograph.

Keep away your hostility

Keep your personal feelings within you. While telling children about their real parents, do not bad about them. It may affect the children so much.

Encourage the contact

Encourage your child if they want to see their biological dad. Share some good memories of their biological dad.

Even if you cannot contact their biological father, tell your child the truth. Don’t give them any false hopes. If the absence of their biological father is forever don’t hide it from them. They will try to fit into this situation without having any false hopes.

Explain the present situation

Tell your child that you and their present dad loves them so much. Make sure that they are not feeling alone or left alone.

Spend more quality time with them. Answer the questions that they have related to their biological father and tell the truth. Telling truth does not mean that you have to say everything about their biological father’s life, but don’t tell white lies to feel good about the situation.

Offer counseling

Some children may not handle this situation and may break down or maybe change in the behavior of your child even after all of your efforts. Try to give them professional counseling.

It is difficult for any mom to tell their child these words “daddy is not biological dad”. But you have to say the truth to your child in any situation. Face the situation, be prepared to this situation and ready to answer all of their questions about their biological father, and above all of these be supportive and express your love towards your child.